Following a number of recent one-off projects with Highland Fling Bungee, I am now officially working on a regular basis with the Killecrankie business. This exciting and ambitious Perthshire company offers bungee jumping in Scotland, where happy jumpers launch themselves from the beautiful vantage point of Garry Bridge (also known as Soldier’s Leap!)

This exciting new development resulted after negotiating a retainer agreement whereby I provide a set number of work days per month and in exchange offer a preferential daily rate.


Over the coming months I will be helping the outdoor activity provider develop their business by

  • expanding their online presence
  • managing their email marketing and increasing their subscribers
  • advising on website developments
  • providing a new photography platform and
  • identifying profitable online business opportunities
Highland Fling Bungee

I’ll be posting updates on the developments at Highland Fling, including reports of whether I can overcome my fear of heights!

Interested in finding out how to maintain regular online updates on an affordable monthly budget? Get in touch.