Google offer a host of free services which can significantly help your search engine rankings and increase the visibility of your website.

Google Analytics
Essential tool to monitor website traffic, identify traffic sources, rank popular pages, identify search trends and much more. Installation requires adding a short bit of Javascript code to the <head> section of your site, or if you’re using WordPress install the excellent Google Analytics for WordPress plugin and the work is done for you! Recent additions to the new version of Google Analytics include a revised Dashboard which fcouses on custom site reports, and a handy Search Engine Optimization section which integrates with Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster Tools
Once you have installed Google Analytics you can submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools and verify it – this helps to make Google aware of your online presence, and to index it on search engine results pages. To keep Google updated with changes to your site, you can create an XML sitemap and submit it – this can be done using a free XML generator tool or if you’re using WordPress then by installing and activating the WordPress SEO plugin.
Google Search
What are your prospective customers searching for? Use Google to find where your site ranks for a handful of key search words or phrases relevant to your business. You can also use Google’s Keyword Tool to help generate keyword ideas, a very helpful resource when for planning an online advertising campaign.

Google Places
If your business is in a specific geographic location – or if you are looking to establish yourself in a particular region – then get your business address listed on Google Places. Make sure you include the keywords which describe your business in your title or description – business listings on Google Places often appear at the very top of Google’s page 1 search engine results, which means you can increase the visibility of your business on Google for free! Your business will also appear when people search for keywords in your title & description using Google Maps – a fantastic opportunity for new business when people are perhaps travelling through the region you do business in.

Google Apps
Free custom email management with Google Apps, allowing you to send and receive emails using your custom domain on the easy-to-use Gmail platform. Free for small businesses and individuals – all you need to do is verify your domain and make a few changes to your MX records.